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Tetris is a puzzle game that has its origins in Russia. Alexey Pajitnov initially programmed the game when he was working as a researcher for Academy for Science in Moscow in 1984. The game’s name combines two things; tetra a Greek numerical prefix and Pajitnov favorite game – tennis. Tetris made history as the first game to be exported to the US by Russia. Spectrum HoloByte later published it for IBM PC and Commodore. Polyominoes have been around since 1907 and are attributed to a mathematician called Solomon W. Golomb. The game is available in many variants that include video games, mobile phones, PDAs, and graphics calculators. Initially, the game was widely available in arcades before moving to handheld consoles in 1989. Electronic Gaming monthly named Tetris as one of the greatest games of all time while IGN named it second in its 100 greatest video games of all time. The franchise, as at January 2010, had sold over 170 million copies with over 100 copies being available for mobile phones. Nintendo released a version of the game for their Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1989 and sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Download Tetris NES ROM Here.

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How to Play Tetris NES ROM

Gameplay involves moving geometrically shaped pieces of four blocks each across the board. Tetriminos fall through the screen randomly on the matrix. The aim is to create a horizontal line without gaps of ten blocks. You can manipulate the pieces by moving them sideways or rotating them, through 360-degree turns. Once a horizontal line is created it is destroyed and replaced by blocks above it. After you have created a predefined number of lines the game shifts to a new level with increased speed. The game ends when the tetriminos have filled the screen and there are no more incoming ones. Other games have a specified number of lines to be created before game end. Download our Tetris NES ROM Here.

In the game, the tetriminos have the ability to do single and double clears while the L, J and I can perform triple clears. Depending on the rotation, only the I block can clear four lines simultaneously. Some game versions allow the Z, S, and T to snap into tight spots and clear triples. When Alexey made the game it only had green blocks while earlier versions for game boy incorporated a grayscale graphics. Modern versions have different colors representing each block. Download Tetris NES ROM Here.

Tetris NES RomEvery time you clear a horizontal line, you earn points. Single clear awards you 100 points while clearing four lines simultaneously gives you 800 points. If you are able to pull back-to-back plays then you get to earn 800 points. Most of the Tetris games have a button where you can accelerate the drop in blocks. If you let go of this button you can slow down the descent before the pieces hit the ground. Some game versions award higher points depending on the height from which the pieces fall. A flood fill lets the blocks to be suspended in midair until you find a block to fill the spaces. Download our Tetris NES ROM Here.

A dispute arose on the use of the easy spin feature. The easy spin feature enables players to suspend the playing blocks midair while they contemplate where to place the blocks. Critics were skeptical of the feature because it derived the players of fast play. This is not the case for Tetris worlds, where the aim of the game is to complete a certain number of lines within a predefined period.  Some of the reviewers who come to the defense of easy spin argued that it only affects single player games – competitive games are left intact. Download our Tetris NES ROM Here.

The game history begins with Alexey working as a researcher for Soviet Academy in Moscow. He was employed to test new capabilities for their hardware. It is while working there that he started developing for them simple games. Electronika 60 was first developed as a text-based display before Alexey discovered that the lines were completely filling the lines. Some of Alexey co-workers so loved the game that they ported it to IBM PC. The game became so popular that it was widely shared around Moscow. The PC version also spread to Budapest when a popular British house called Andromeda ported it. Bulletproof software later made a version for Nintendo Entertainment System. An upgrade was later made available in 1989. The NES sold over 3 million copies globally. Download the Tetris NES ROMDownload Tetris NES ROM Here.

How to use Tetris NES ROM

Our Gaming ROM enables you to play Tetris on your Nintendo Entertainment System. You can download the ROM onto your computer and then use your NES smart card to transfer the gaming files onto it. The Tetris NES ROM enables players to better customize the game to meet their own unique preferences. Players can unlock new levels and introduce items. Our gaming ROM does cause any blockages and you can play the game like before.

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Download the Tetris NES ROM

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