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This puzzle video game has a Russian called Alexey as the game developer. The game was released for Game boy consoles in 1989 for the European and North America markets. To enable multilayer settings you can connect the Gameboy to the game link cable. In December 2011 another version of the game was released for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Alexey was a scientist in Academy of Science in Moscow when he started developing the game part-time. He derived the title of the game from the Greek numerical prefix and his favorite game – tennis. Tetris made history in Russia by being the first game to be exported to the US. You can find a variant of the game in almost every console in the planet including PCs, mobile phones, and Gameboy consoles. The game has enjoyed global success with over 170 million copies having being sold globally. 100 million of these copies are available for cell phones while over 70 million have been physical copies. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.

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How to Play the Tetris Gameboy ROM

Gameplay is very similar to that in other games. You have four square blocks called tetrominoes that fall along the playing field. The game boy version has 10 blocks by 18 blocks high. Tetris Gameboy main objective is to manipulate the blocks as they fall; this can be done by moving them sideways or by rotating them 360 degrees. Once you have a complete block of 10 at the bottom, the line disappears and the blocks on top become the new bottom. Just like previous games, blocks do not automatically fill up in empty spaces and you can have some suspended mid-air. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.

The game becomes more interesting as you advance into the game as the brinks now fall faster. It is a game and when one of the blocks extends beyond the maximum point at the top. To enable you to strategize on how you place the blocks you have the next block appearing on the side of the game. You earn game points based on the number of lines you have created and the current level you are in. The moment you clear more than 10 lines the level and speed of the game increases. You can choose the game difficulty level at the beginning of the game. Once you finish a particular level you are awarded rocket launches and Russians dancing with an additional space shuttle being launched. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.

Another key feature with Tetris Gameboy is that it enables multiplayer mode. This can be done through a game boy cable link. The objective in multiplayer mode is to outlast each other. The winner is the one who stays longer in the game. In multiplayer each player has their own console but they are interconnected. In the game, each time a player gets a triple, double or Tetris (completed four blocks simultaneously) the opponent’s stack gets added with incomplete blocks at the bottom. This causes them to rise faster, meaning game end is on the horizon. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.

The desire to create a two-player puzzle game led to the game developers to begin programming for the game. The initial team consisted of three Soviet Academy Scientists – Alexey Pajitnov, Vadim Gerasimov, and Dmitry Pavlovsky. With time, the game had become a commercial success. During the Las Vegas Electronics show, a publisher called Henk Rogers noticed the game and decided to purchase the rights to the game. He approached the Nintendo team who were planning on launching Super Mario for the Game Boy console. His contention was that while Super Mario appealed to young boys, almost everyone, regardless of age, would play Tetris. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.Download the Tetris Gameboy ROM

By 1998 a new colored version of Tetris was introduced into the market called Tetris DX. The DX is also compatible with game boy advance. It was released in Japan on October 21, 1998, and a month later in Europe and Australia. Additional features for the DX included three player profiles and battery saved high scores. You also have a single player playing against the games CPU and two new game modes. One of the modes – ultra mode – requires players to accumulate as many points within a three-minute period. Another mode 40 lines require players to clear 40 lines in the fastest time possible. You also get an addition of new music themes. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.

How to use Tetris Gameboy ROM

The Tetris Gameboy ROM helps you to make better use of your Gameboy through our easy to use ROM editor. You can unlock new levels and customize the game to your own unique gaming preferences. Our editor has been developed with the user in mind and this makes it very friendly to use. if you are a beginner you will find our tutorials to be very useful. Our Tetris Gameboy ROM does not cause any blockages and you get to play the game just like before.Download the Tetris Gameboy ROM

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We have ensured that the Tetris Gameboy ROM that you download is up to date. We also have ensured that your security is taken into consideration when making the download. Tetris is an exciting game and what better way to take your gaming experience to the next level than by downloading our gaming rom.Download the Tetris Gameboy ROM

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