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This puzzle video game has a Russian called Alexey as the game developer. The game was released for Game boy consoles in 1989 for the European and North America markets. To enable multilayer settings you can connect the Gameboy to the game link cable. In December 2011 another version of the game was released for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Alexey was a scientist in Academy of Science in Moscow when he started developing the game part-time. He derived the title of the game from the Greek numerical prefix and his favorite game – tennis. Tetris made history in Russia by being the first game to be exported to the US. You can find a variant of the game in almost every console in the planet including PCs, mobile phones, and Gameboy consoles. The game has enjoyed global success with over 170 million copies having being sold globally. 100 million of these copies are available for cell phones while over 70 million have been physical copies. Download our Tetris Gameboy ROM Here.

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