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A Russian developer called Alexey Pajitnov programmed the game. He got the idea from his favorite sport – tennis – and from the Greek numerical prefix. The game was released in June 1984 while Alexey was working for Academy for Science in Moscow. The puzzle title matching game was one of the first games from USSR to be exported to the US. IBM PC and Commodore 64 later published the game in the US. The game uses polyominoes in a four-element case. Polyominoes have been in existence since 1907 and originated from the mathematician called Solomon. W. Golomb. Various variants of the game have been made available for almost every class of video games. The game initially was made for arcades but so global success when it was made available for Game Boy in 1989. IGN ranked Tetris as one of the 100 greatest games of all time. It is estimated that over 170 million copies have been sold with over 100 copies been available for mobile phones. Download our Tetris ROM Here.

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How to Play the Tetris Game

Tetris game consists of four block shapes that have to be strategically placed to form a complete line. The player has a key role in manipulating the shapes to fit into spaces. You can shift them to the right or left or turn them 360 degrees. The completed horizontal line collapses and the player earns points from it; the line above this replaces the old line. After a certain period of time, the player will get to a new level. Preceding levels have the Tetris falling faster; the game comes to an end when the blocks reach the top surface with no new block additions. Download our Tetris ROM Here.

Looking for a Tetris ROM? We got them all right here.The tetriminos come as I, L and J and are all capable of double and single clears. L tetriminos are capable of clearing the four-game lines simultaneously – this is what is referred to as a Tetris. Modern versions of the game have the super-rotation system that enables Z, S, and T blocks to snap into tight spaces and clear triples. Pajitnov original game had green as the primary color for the blocks while earlier game boy versions had grayscale graphics. Newer versions of Tetris use an assortment of different colors. Download Tetris ROM Here.

The scoring system awards higher points to difficult line clears. If you clear a single line you get awarded 100 points while if you clear four lines at once you get 800 points. The highest award is back to back plays where the player gets 1200 points. Instead of waiting for the blocks to fall, you can increase their speed by pressing a button. A soft drop is activated when you let go of the button before the bricks hit the surface. However, this will depend on the version of the game you are using. Some will allow soft or hard drop while some only carry one part. A flood fill lets some blocks suspended midair and a player will need to fill out the spaces. Download our Tetris ROM here.Download the latest Tetris ROM here NOW

Tetris world was the first series to introduce “easy spin”. The move allows players to suspend a falling block while they contemplate the next course of action. Many critics opposed the move as it made the game easier. The other issue critics had was that easy spin removes the need for higher-level speed. The move still remains controversial with most of the Tetris competitive plays omitting the feature. In Tetris world the goal is to create certain lines during the shortest time possible and using easy spin does not in any way make you reach this goal faster. Download Tetris ROM Here.

The game history begins with Alexey Pajitnov making doing research for Soviet Academy. During his free time, Alexey would develop simple games for them. He later developed Electronika 60, which was based on a text-based display. The initial blocks were created from letter characters. He later decided to remove them after he realized that they were filling the screen fast. The game soon became very popular amongst Alexey’s friends who soon ported it to IBM PC. The name Tetris is a combination of tennis and tetromino. The game soon found itself into Budapest, where Andromeda – a British software company, discovered it. Download Tetris ROM Here.

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